Advanced imaging systems for vascular access.

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Veinrite Near Infrared PIV Trainer

The Veinrite Near Infrared PIV Trainer is designed to give vascular access professionals a simulator that mimics real anatomy as seen through the Veinsite vein imaging device in order to practice and improve vascular access skills.

Learn Vascular Access The Safe Way


Veinsite enables clinicians to view veins suitable for peripheral IV cannulation, blood sampling and collection. Compared to projection based vein finders, the Veinsite provides the highest quality image and largest viewing area.

Veinsite can help clinicians detect difficult to see veins, valves, bifurcations and hematomas on challenging vascular access patients including neonates, elderly, obese, darker skin, as well as those with compromised vasculature.

Veinsite Applications

Hospital, Aesthetics, Home infusion, EMS

Veinsite can be deployed anywhere that vascular visualization and access of peripheral vessels is a priority. Suitable procedures include Peripheral IV cannulation, blood collection/sampling, and viewing of reticular veins for vascular surgery. Veinsite is in use in emergency response vehicles, vascular surgery treatments centers, and most all major hospital departments (ED, OR, Anesthesiology, Med Surge, Oncology, Pediatrics, Neonatal).

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