Jack LeDonne talks about Veinsite by Vuetek Scientific during the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Association for Vascular Access (AVA).


The Veinsite is working well for me, I have been successful each time I have used it. I have found it to be very useful with paediatric vascular access and for our haematology and oncology patients who have had past chemotherapy…Clinical Nurse Specialist in Vascular Access, Frimley Park Hospital, UK
Our initial experience with Veinsite (which we regard as the most developed form of NIR technology for vein visualization)… the device is highly effective in visualizing the superficial veins in… patients of any age with dark skin, in neonates and infants with some degree of subcutaneous edema, in obese infants and children. Visualization by Veinsite is rapid, intuitive and it practically requires no training.MD, Department of Surgery, Catholic University Hospital, Rome, Italy
After reviewing ALL manufactures models, the unit most capable of meeting the needs of my staff RN’s is the Vein-site by Vue-Tek Scientific…Over a 6 month period, 96 PIV’s were attempted with a 95.8% first attempt and again 100% success rate.MHA, RPA/RT, VA-BC, Southern California Vascular Access, Inc. (Clinical Consultant for VueTek Scientific)
Veinsite improves identification of non-visible and non-palpable veins.  This greatly improves venipuncture accuracy, which vastly improves patient satisfaction.Dr. Robert C. Bosack, DDS, Orland Park, IL
We would often have a very difficult time finding veins on certain patients to start an intravenous access to administer medication for oral surgery procedures under IV sedation. Many of these patients would have to be rescheduled for another day to try again for IV access or even had to be scheduled for the hospital where they could use an ultrasound for assistance to gain intravenous access.  Since purchasing Veinsite, we have had a decrease in the number of patients we have had this issue.  It has made finding a vein on patients with difficult anatomy much easier and convenient.Leslie Gardner, RN BSN, Facial Cosmetic and Maxillofacial Surgery, East Longmeadow, MA
Fairview Ridges’ anesthesiologist partners determined it is highly effective and especially useful for children and patients with heavily pigmented skin.  The physicians unanimously felt this will improve patients’ experience as unsuccessful IV placements can be a very negative factor in patient care.Alex Grant, MHA, Business Manager, Perioperative Services, Fairview Ridges Hospital, Burnsville, MN
The use of Veinsite has increased the success rate with the first attempt. As a result, the satisfaction of both the staff and patients alike has improved. Completing these skills faster has gotten nurses back on their unit sooner and provided a sigh of relief from the individuals who may have historically felt like a pin-cushion. We realize that there are many products on the market similar to Veinsite, but after using this product, its doubtful that anything but a hands-free option will be accepted by our team.  This feature had made it easier for even the most skeptical nursing staff to acclimate to the product and easily integrate it in the various techniques they utilize for success.Jodi L. Tash, RN, CCEMTP, Critical Care Services, The Aroostook Medical Center, Presque Isle, ME
I have found the Veinsite to be helpful in performing Peripheral IV starts on patients that have poor venous access or who are severely dehydrated. It is a cost effective alternative on many patients that we would normally use a more expensive ultrasound machine on to start a peripheral IV. It saves money and time of the expensive kit with a sterile probe cover used on an ultrasound machine when performing a U/S guided IV. Since best practice dictates that we should not be performing blind IV sticks this is a very good method to help many nurses to remain compliant.  We have also found it to be a helpful tool in training new inexperienced nurses the skills of finding good veins for vascular access and teaching them the venous anatomy.Cary J. Catron, RN, BSN, VA-BC, Vascular Access Consultant, Lodi, CA
Vascular Access Team and Anesthesia at CHEO are using Veinsite to assist with difficult IV starts of blood draws.  Veinsite uses near infrared light that illuminates the veins under the skin and helps us differentiate a healthy vein from sclerotic or damaged one. It is very easy to use, leaving both hands free to do the procedure.  This increases the success rate especially in pediatric population.  It has improved patient satisfaction and has decreased the cost of supplies because it minimizes the number of IV attempts.Sandra Dragic, RN, CVAA & The Vascular Access Team, CHEO-Ontario, Canada
Even after applying my well grounded IV skills, I have always run into patients with extremely difficult IV access issues. The patients would suffer through multiple IV attempts from several RN’s. I have found now with the help of the Veinsite system we have made many of our patients extremely happy. Now I see several patients who smile after a one poke IV start and say, “I can’t believe it? I’m used to being a pin-cushion.”With the use of the Veinsite system our department has decreased wait time for procedures, improved patient satisfaction and reduced costs on wasted supplies.  Thank you for providing a product that needs very little training to use and is helping patients the first day we put it to use.Michael Hensley, RN, GI Lab, Fontana, CA
The clinical use of the Veinsite allows for a thorough and rapid examination of a patient’s venous system for the purpose of vascular access. Utilizing the Veinsite in two clinical cases, I was able to evaluate the patients quickly, and determine that peripheral venous access was not a viable option, thereby saving time and potential missed attempts. On several other occasions, the Veinsite permitted cannulation of the best candidate peripheral veins due to its ability to assess the best candidate veins for cannulation. The Veinsite has proven most useful in patients with dark skin pigmentation, as the visible light often will not adequately visualize veins in these patients. In patients with poorly prominent peripheral veins and dark black skin, the device takes the guess work out of the vein selection and cannulation.James Ducanto, MD Anesthesiologist, Milwaukee, WI
Veinsite is potentially the most effective NIR technology due to Veinsite’s unique design, including “direct visualization”, which is the ability to directly view veins in the LCD display in the correct proportion to the surrounding anatomy; and “double sight”, which is the ability to directly see the anatomy of the patient alongside the image in the Veinsite LCD. Veinsite is configured to allow the best of both fields of view to merge. No other device on the market provides these features.Dr. Mauro Pittiruti, Catholic University, Rome, Italy & Dr. Massimo Lamperti, Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi