Patients undergoing infusion therapy can present challenging situations.  Because these patients often have multiple infusions, the number and quality of the VI sites is reduced, making vascular access even more difficult in the elderly, obese, and dark-skin patients.  Failed or delayed IV starts can result in delayed treatment or diagnosis, increased anxiety for patients and staff, unnecessary sticks, and increased costs/decreased efficiency.


Both the Infusion Nurses Society and Association for Vascular Access recommend vein visualization as a standard of care.  VEINSITE’s LCD display allows for accurate catheter size selection and placement, which can reduce the risk of complications and vessel damage.  VEINSITE® is portable and battery operated, making it ideal for home infusion therapy treatment.


VEINSITE® has been clinically proven to:


I have found the Veinsite to be helpful in performing Peripheral IV starts on patients that have poor venous access or who are severely dehydrated. It is a cost effective alternative on many patients that we would normally use a more expensive ultrasound machine on to start a peripheral IV. It saves money and time of the expensive kit with a sterile probe cover used on an ultrasound machine when performing a U/S guided IV. Since best practice dictates that we should not be performing blind IV sticks this is a very good method to help many nurses to remain compliant.  We have also found it to be a helpful tool in training new inexperienced nurses the skills of finding good veins for vascular access and teaching them the venous anatomy.Cary J. Catron, RN, BSN, VA-BC, Vascular Access Consultant, Lodi, CA

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