Hospital Challenges

  • Increased difficult venous access (DVA) populations
  • Multiple IV stick attempts
  • Decreased IV catheter dwell times
  • Unnecessary Central Lines/PICCs
  • Increased risk of CLABSIs & other complications
  • Treatment delays from difficult venous access
  • Increased hospital operational costs
  • Decreased nurse efficiency
  • Lower patient satisfaction scores

Veinsite Features

  • Completely portable, hands-free operation
  • Highest image quality vs. projection based devices
  • Visualize more veins – 2 times larger viewing area vs. other NIR technology
  • Visualize valves, bifurcations, vessel refill, and possible hematoma
  • Can be used to view anatomy at any angle
  • Works through Isolettes in NICUs
  • Doesn’t change standard clinical practice
  • No down-time – quick change, rechargeable battery pack
  • Connects to a monitor for collaboration and training

Veinsite Potential Benefits

  • Decrease multiple IV stick attempts
  • Empower clinicians to choose the optimal sites for vascular access
  • Decrease unnecessary central lines/PICCs
  • Decrease costly CLABSIs and possible complications
  • Decrease hospital operational costs
  • Increase nurse efficiency and compliance
  • Increase patient satisfaction scores
  • Fewer treatment delays
  • Comply with AVA and INS Guidelines by using Veinsite

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Clinical Images