Introducing: Veinrite Ultrasound and Near Infrared Phantom Trainer

A revolutionary new way to learn, improve and maintain peripheral vascular access skills!

Veinrite is the ‘flight simulator’ for vascular access professionals!

This is a vascular access phantom that works with Veinsite’s near infrared visualization capabilities to allow clinicians at all skill levels to learn, practice and improve cannualtion skills.

Veinrite Near Infrared PIV Trainer


Images of the Trainer as Seen Through Veinsite

Together the Veinrite trainer and the Veinsite vascular imager form a comprehensive vascular access ‘simulation system’ that mimics clinical reality for actual PIV cannulation, making skill improvement fast and effective while avoiding the mistakes on the patient!

  • The Veinrite vessels are the size and depth of real anatomical veins both adult and pediatric;
  • Contain liquid feedback that mimics blood-in-catheter flashback with successful canulation;
  • Can withstand thousands of practice attempts;
  • Mimic needle drag in real tissue; and
  • Produce like life-like imagery through ultrasound and near infrared devices.


Ultrasound Vascular Access Training System

  • Provides realistic ultrasound vessel images
  • Trainer simulates basilica, femoral, and saphenous veins
  • Excellent for central and PICC line training
  • Mimics anatomical feel of needle insertion
  • Gravity-fed refill feature allows for uninterrupted training

To learn more about Veinrite Phantom Training Systems or to Purchase, contact our Customer Service Department.